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Owner and [independent] Web Developer, Web Designer and Mobile Application Developer, Larry Enzer established Monmouth Web Developers back in 2004 after years working in the changing computer industry and seeing the potential of the World Wide Web. The convergence of Web Design and Development were still years apart, as were smartphones, but putting together a site still required advanced technical knowledge and programming expertise to ensure that sites stayed intact across platforms, loaded quickly across all browsers and would fit on all devices.

Larry Enzer then decided to bring his knowledge to local businesses and launched Monmouth Web Developers to ensure that everyone could compete, from small companies and individuals to larger multi-national corporations.

It took about 10 years of rapid changes before seeing the landscape as it exists today. New design tools were becoming available that allowed implementation of chat rooms, cloud based servers, faster internet speeds and more. What once took months to implement [if available] was now accessible to everyone without advanced insider knowledge or massive data centers. Websites connected to distributed databases, Mobile Hybrid Application Development, Responsive Design and Location Based Technologies became the norm.

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What is the current state of Design?

Today's websites can be more complicated than ever. What used to be nothing more than a one-page pamphlet with a byline and few images or simple chat room, has turned into more sophisticated Single Page Applications that behaves much like desktop software, point of sale systems, backend databases or more. With increasing internet speed, power and ease of development, a Web Designer now has greater flexibility to build greater websites. Phone applications can also be created with native functionality, not available to web browsers, such as cameras, accelerometers or dynamic clickable maps. Combining phone apps with modern websites, known as a Hybrid Application can now bring the best phone and web technologies together in a single powerful new web design platform. Location Based Phone Software, which uses GPS sensors to locate nearby activities can now be achieved as well.

Listeners to a backend database system are also available. This allows an app to update information immediately. Using listeners allows convergent data to be delivered across all devices at the same time. Now it is simple to send headlines to phones, or create chat features not available in the past.

Application Program Interfaces (API) are backend databases that are set up to allow secure endpoints or web addresses to access data to authenticated end users. Such larger API's include, Facebook©, Yelp©, Google© and Foursquare©. They limit usage, and throttle data, depending on specific needs and most are free, up to a point but can be expanded if requested.

With the advent of mobile web browsers, tablets, phablets, or various sized computers, the demand for Responsive Web Designs are needed more than ever. Each website or mobile application needs to be usable across all devices without knowing the specific device's size or capabilities. In the past, websites were built for various sized devices. Then, a piece of code could be invoked to detect the specific device, and deliver a unique webpage. This was not always accurate and often times returned false information. Today, sites are built with this in mind, automatically resizing and reformatting when needed.

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Monmouth Web Developers Clients

Monmouth Web Developers has worked with many companies and individuals since 1995. Listed [below] are some of them.°

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