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508 Compliance

Let Monmouth Web Developers build a website that allows impared users to access your information.

  • Jump Menu
  • Adaptive Technologies
  • Aria-
  • Screen Readers
  • Keyboard Navigation
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Does your website need to be compliant for impaired visitors?

Most institution's that offer online resources, such as a non-profit website for the blind, require to be "508 Complant". What does that mean? To be 508 compliant, a website needs to have all aspects of their website respond to screen readers, keyboard commands, have readable image descriptors, special audio and menu commands and more. The list of requirements is fairly extensive.

From a "Jump Menu", to skip the top menu and commence reading the first paragraph, to avoiding text, as part of an image, without a proper audio response, to avoiding competing colors or flashing lights, for epeleptic visitors, the list of requirements continually changes and needs an expert to stay ahead.

Having a 508 Compliant expert update your website will avoid problems in the future as demand grows. If your products or services are focused towards impaired users, may even benefit from a "508 Compliant" overhaul NOW. Monmouth Web Developers will assure that every portion of your website comply with the law as we continually strive to stay ahead of what is required.

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Providing support for impaired visitors will benefit your company in the long run and will be a requirement for all websites in the near future. Don't be left behind in this vital area.

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508 Compliance

508 Compliance Overhaul Includes
  • Add text descriptors to all non-text content
  • Provide keyboard only access
  • Prevent trapping keyboard users, such as in a menu
  • Provide a ‘Skip to Content’ link to skip main menu
  • Provide a ‘Include helpful page titles and descriptors
  • Provide a ‘Include page language in HTML5
  • Label elements and give proper instructions
  • Name, Role, Value and Aria- Command
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Does your website prevent impaired visitors from finding information?

If this is the case, or if your website caters to impaired visitors directly then you will want to comply with this Law and Monmouth Web Developers has the expertise to guarantee your website will be readily avaiable to all sorts of new devices and technologies that allow impaired users the same benefits.

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A website that supports all users will gain larger traction. 508 compliance should be a part of every web design strategy. It's just good for business.

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Monmouth Web Developers, can make sure your website is fully accessible to all impaired visitors, providing a clean interface that is easy to use. We can show you how to make this happen and why it matters. In the future, being compliant will be a requirement, so don't get left behind in this one vital area of web design, and provide a respectful way to include all.

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