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Welcome to Monmouth Web Developers -
An affordable Hosting, Web Design and SEO Services Company.

Monmouth Web Developers, decided to launch its company in 2004 as an affordable web design and SEO company back 2004, serving mostly local business in Monmouth County, NJ.

We started as a small, dedicated web design company serving local business but quickly grew into a powerful Hosting, Web Design and SEO company providing both custom and self managed web services. Some of our services include the ability to build your own amazing website in under an hour, a hosted WordPress© account, shopping carts, online marketing tools and more. Our motto, “so you can run your business™,” still rings true today.

In the early days of our company, Monmouth Web Developers had to create websites that behaved properly and looked great on all major browsers. There were so many inconsistancies among major browsers. What worked on one browser, often broke on another, making it hard to decide the best way to implement a website. And building a unique website was an arduous task. Who was your audience? When are they visiting your website? What connection speeds do they use to surf the web? What browser were they using? And what size screen? These were some of the questions webmasters needed to ask, each time they coded up a website. The buzzword of the day was, “Cross Browser Support.”

In today's world, business owners have enough to worry about without having to run their own computer company. And now, building and hosting a website is easier than ever. But they also realize that they don't want to deal with many web companies for each part of the overall process. One company hosts your website, one company designs it, and one company markets your business online. You get the idea. So you can run your business™

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In the early days of web design, an image and a story was all you needed. Mobile web design wasn't even an option. Now it's a requirement.

Today's Tech

Building Better

Our New Website

What is the current state of Web Design?

Today's websites can be more complicated than ever. What used to be nothing more than a one-page pamphlet with a byline and few images or simple chat room, has turned into more sophisticated Single Page Applications that behaves much like desktop software, point of sale systems, backend databases or more. With increasing internet speed, power and ease of development, a Web Designer now has greater flexibility to build greater websites. Phone applications can also be created with native functionality, not available to web browsers, such as cameras, accelerometers or dynamic clickable maps. Combining phone apps with modern websites, known as a Hybrid Application can now bring the best phone and web technologies together in a single powerful new web design platform. Location Based Phone Software, which uses GPS sensors to locate nearby activities can now be achieved as well.

Listeners to a backend database system are also available. This allows an app to update information immediately. Using listeners allows convergent data to be delivered across all devices at the same time. Now it is simple to send headlines to phones, or create chat features not available in the past.

Application Program Interfaces (API) are backend databases that are set up to allow secure endpoints or web addresses to access data to authenticated end users. A few of the larger API's include, Facebook©, Yelp©, Google© and Foursquare©. They can limit usage, and throttle data, depending on specific needs and most are free, up to a point but can be expanded if requested.

With the advent of mobile web browsers, tablets, phablets, or various sized computers, the demand for Responsive Web Designs grew rapidly. Each website or mobile application now needs to be usable across all devices without knowing the specific device's screen size or capabilities. In the past, websites were built for various sized devices. Then, pieces of code could be used to detect the specific device, and deliver a unique website. This outdated method was not always accurate and often times returned false information. Today, websites are built with this in mind, automatically resizing and reformatting when needed.

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Newer Designs

Monmouth Web Developers
Modern Appeal

Monmouth Web Developers expanded its hosting, web services and web design company back in early 2017 to allow self-managed services that customers demanded. Now you can build your own amazing website in under an hour or have us build the perfect website for you - if you need help coding, designing or just lack the time to implement your perfect website. Since 20017, we have been busy building custom websites, hosting, optimizing and marketing them. We've has been working hard to stay modern and are currently moving all of our websites to WordPress© and developing custom web solutions on that platform from now on.

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Our WordPress Website

A web design company needs to understand past technologies in order to build websites that can harness the future and respond to newer unseen ideas.

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Monmouth Web Developers can build your company's brand with a comprehensive strategy consisting of search engine optimization, responsive web design and hosting your new website on our blazing fast servers or a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Let us show you why this matters.

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