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Bringing the BEST of the web to you.

You NEED a website & essential online services and Monmouth Web Developers can show you why. Responsive web design and modern SEO approach included in each design and marketing project. Specializing in Local & Organic SEO. BUILD your brand, BUILD your reputation and BUILD your business today.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Local & Organic SEO
  • cPanel Web Hosting (Linux)
  • Plesk Web Hosting (Windows)
  • Email Marketing
  • SSL
  • VPS
  • WordPress®
  • CDN performance accelerator
  • WAF malware prevention
  • Customizable Shopping Carts
  • Domain Registration
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Welcome -

I'm Larry Enzer and I'm the founder of Monmouth Web Developers, your web design, SEO and hosting company for over fifteen years. We’ve been connecting businesses and creating great online web experiences for a long time and would like to see your company succeed as well. It's Monmouth Web Developers' goal to have everybody compete equally on the web regardless of company size or budget.

Monmouth Web Developers also provides both local and organic SEO services to help your business become highly visible online. Just check our services page for more information. Custom web design, blazing fast servers and SEO services all at Monmouth Web Developers, connecting local businesses to the world since the web began - really.

So drop us a note and we’ll discuss your company's needs, from responsive web design and hosting to custom SEO services. Monmouth Web Developers can make your website competitive in today's fast paced world. So you can run your business.™

Thanks from M.W.D. -

Larry Enzer

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New Web Services Enabled!

Does your business need to register a new domain or host their website on industry leading SEO friendly web servers? Maybe even a customizable storefront to sell your products? These are among the many NEW web services you can now order and manage directly from Monmouth Web Developers.

Monmouth Web Developers has been working hard to bring our customers more of the essential products & services you have been asking for, and now with point and click ease. Manage your Account through your own web console & always 24/7 support.

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web designers NJ Computer

Monmouth Web Developers

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Web Design

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SEO Services

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508 Ready


To bring great user experiences and modern web design standards to each new project.


To seek the best online tools available and partner with some of the leading companies.


A great user experience, whether implementing a simple website, a complicated e-shop or CMS.

Online Development

Web and Hosting Services

Monmouth Web Developers Web Design Concepts

M.W.D. Web Design Services Include

  • Responsive or Mobile Ready Websites
  • 508 Compliance
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • SEO Services
  • CMS Hosted Websites
  • Managed Photo Galleries
  • Support Ticket and Knowledge Base
  • Human Resrouce Management
  • Online Dynamic Forums

I can design and develop web strategies for businesses of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish - modern “responsive” websites and online SEO services.

- Larry Enzer -

A Great Experience

Why Does it Matter?

Responsive Web Design

Benefits of Great Web Design and SEO...

  • Brand Recognition
  • Increasing Sales
  • Cost Effective Advertising
  • Proffessional Business Appearance
  • Awareness of Social Causes
  • Connecting Like Minded Individuals
  • Ranking Benefits in Search Engines
What M.W.D. Does

M.W.D. Services

Service 01

Web Design

M.W.D. can design your website to meet any requirement. From small business or personal websites to larger corporate re-branding, we can handle them all. And every website designed, responsive to all devices and modern in approach.

Service 02

508 Compliance

M.W.D. can assure that your website or CMS meets the new guidlines for impaired users. In the coming years, the federal government will require all websites to be accessable to various impaired users allowing access to screen readers, keyboard only access and more.

Service 03

SEO Services

M.W.D. can make sure your new website is visible on all major search engines and directories. Whether you need Local SEO, or Organic SEO, I can make sure your website has the SEO punch to get discovered. Don't lose visitors by not being seen.

Service 04

Hosted Services

M.W.D. can host your website on our basic bullet-proof servers with your own business email account. If server size and speed is needed or other SEO concerns arrise, we can upgrade your servers to our blazing fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) - Railgun with Cloudflare™.

Building Your Brand

Your Design Matters



Planning your Website

Planning your responsive website first will avoid problems later.



Putting it Together

Building a great website requires both great design and techical skills.



A Successful Site

A successful website is the foundation of a successful business.



Reach More Customers

Launching an engaging and responsive website will reach a greater audience.

M.W.D. Reviews

What M.W.D.
Clients Say

Quality Web Services

Monmouth Web Developers (MWD) were extremely helpful to me when I needed their assistances with designing my website. MWD definitely goes above and beyond the duties and scope of services of what most Web Developers offers.

Deon Bullard - Owner

Bahamian Solar Management

In Appreciation

We thank you for your generosity of time, expertise and support in giving us, through the Internet, the chance to reach and provide support for more people in our community.

Dianne Kangisser - Coordinator

Ohr Tikvah JHC

Nice Job

Great service redesigning my website. Optimized the site, and now loads really fast in my phone. Thanks.

Gregory Manion

Pro Drummer

Pinterest SEO Marketing

For SEO and Brand Awareness

Viral Marketing

Pinterest - A Case Study

Pinterest is one of many social media platforms designed to discover infomation on the World Wide Web or share ideas. They use images and short messages to convey a topic quickly inside related folders known as boards. Each topic or image is known as a pin. People use pins to promote their own businesses, sell products, enhance brand awareness or create viral buzz.

Each pin is linked to a website that has more in depth information on a subject. People share boards and collect pins they like. Each inbound link pointing to their own website adds "nofollow" link strength to their overall SEO strategy. Pinterest has a great Page Authority and Domain Authority but linking to your own website does not pass its "link juice", meaning their overall strengths don't get passed to you but is still deemed a quality inbound link. Some images aren't branded and can be repurposed with your specific message, and a link back to your website driving more traffic, but never gaining the valuable link juice.

Each social media platform for the most part is unique. Some allow users to send text message. Some allow posting expert advice or create visual stories. And some are just a way to connect old friends. In every case, search engines will use your profile information, images and content, among other factors to guage how popular your website is and adjust its search engine rank accoringly. Obviously, the more active, the better. An added benefit of some social media platforms is that some of them actually allow you to include a valuable backlink to your website that does not force the "nofollow" rule giving your business that added link juice.

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M.W.D. Can Build

Your Online Presence Today

A NJ web designer says - planning a website takes time

Step 1: Design

A NJ web designer says - next step is programming a site

Step 2: Code

A NJ web designer says - when all is finished you will have a great website

Step 3: Launch

Why do businesses still need a website to get their message out or rank well in local and organic search engines?

Many businesses ignore their local and organic SEO and a well built, responsive websites [which goes hand and glove] to rely solely on social media, such as Facebook©, LinkedIn© or Instagram© to get their message out or stay connected. While these social media websites provide good cost effective business tools, this should never replace a custom website to fully explain a message, provide a service or sell a product, but rather should be set up along-side that business or product to allow messaging with clients and boost SEO. Today, most people still search for a company's website first before other social media channels and will judge a company by what they either find or don't find.

Running a NJ web design and NJ SEO company for many years, I can easily customize your website for that seamless connection and is alway looking towards the, “Web 3.0” which is transforming the way static websites now interact with visitors providing intelligence gathering and response; accessing data to provide location services for mobile devices, building dynamic new single page applications and connecting people in unprecedented ways, cloud based computing and mobile hybrid websites.

As owner of Monmouth Web Developers, I have been debating with others why anyone would still actually need a full website, when other online channels provide much of the same information. Even for local businesses and local listings on Google© maps, or, “the local pack” found on any Google© search results page, the answer is clear. Of course, as owner of Monmouth Web Developers, I tend to lean towards having one, and still believe that the first line of action when evaluating a new business is to visit their website. When searching for an anwers online, I came across this informative article, which should further clarify why I still believe this to be true.

So contact Monmouth Web Developers today and I will walk you through the processes needed to gain exposure in search engines, boost your rankings, and become visible to Google Maps, or “the Local Pack.” We have the tools needed to make this happen.

Do Local Businesses Still Need a Website?

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Running a local NJ web design company such as Monmouth Web Developers can capture the essence of the community your business serves.

M.W.D. Can Provide

Search Engine Optimization

web design NJ and seo NJ concepts

The Most Successful Websites Have a Succesful SEO Campaign.

Monmouth Web Developers now offers a full range of Search Engine Optimization services to get your website seen and ranking well in most major search engines such as Google©, Bing©, Yahoo©, Ask© and AOL©. From simple in-page code and image optimization to site's reputation building, Monmouth Web Developers has the expertise you need to raise your company's ranking and drive customers to your site in the right way to increase brand awareness and reach your company's targeted goals.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, and as a local NJ web designer and SEO expert for years, have noticed in the past that a web designer had an easier time building a site's reputation, by overly stuffing each page with each desired search term, making your website unreadable. Or, posting fake pages and news articles by the hundreds, all linking back to the desired landing page often spoofing server addresses to mimick multiple unique domains. This is known as keyword stuffing and link exchanging or farming, which in today's complicated world of search engine optimization will cause a site's reputation to become very low, even having your custom website dissappear from search engines. These tactics are known as Black Hat SEO and are frowned upon by all modern search engines.

Monmouth Web Developers can build your website's needed reputation, which will raise your ranking on major search engines with a comprensive SEO strategy that uses a variety of today's most accepted SEO practices. I'll show you what works, and what doesn't and what to avoid at all costs.

SEO Services

Latest News

From Quora

Monmouth Web Developers' Technology Blog. This blog is about modern web design ∧ SEO. Where it's headed and how M.W.D. got here.

Modern Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Optimization today refers to ranking well in Google. Most other search engines use more natural ways of ranking websites. If a site contains a clear message or is located nearby or is in business for many years, and has a large number of followers...

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The History of Responsive Web Design

Back in 1993, when the first web browsers were released, support for images in the HTML code behind web pages was being adopted changing everything. Now static information that could be accessed online was being transformed into something greater...

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Technology Insights

Just For Fun

internet of things has exploded the internet in unique ways

The "Internet of Things" has allowed non-traditional devices to connect seamlessly.

Today, the lines separating desktop applications from mobile devices, browsers, remote information, cloud computing and the Internet have blurred. No longer do you need to have a large desktop computer in order to read e-mails, buy products or call for a taxi. Refrigerators can now alert you to buy more milk, send you recipes based on what you have, or cars can alert your mechanic that you have a blown tire. Mobile phones, now have location based services to tell you where the closest gas station is or remotely reserve that valuable parking space.

Larry Enzer, owner of Monmouth Web Developers and long time NJ web designer, has worked with online technolgies since the first web browsers were released back 1989 and Tim Berners-Lee implemented his hypertext system to link networked documents together. In 1991 a program called gopher was released, also written by Tim Berners-Lee, to manage information on the Internet. He later named his new Internet based system, the World Wide Web and history was born. After graduating college in 1990, Larry worked at AT&T and first started to harness the new technologies using Mosaic Browser, Prodigy, Gopher and early Email Systems.

The history of the Internet and Web Technologies can be traced through Larry's early days when he designed his first websites back in 1995 hosting on Sun Microsystem™ servers located in Canada using a crude dial-up - Prodigy Online Service™ to connect through a 9600 baud modem. Learn about the changing World Web Technologies below as well as modern web design issues.

World Wide Web Web Browsers The Internet

M.W.D. Web Design & SEO Blog

call to action web development and 508 and web design

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Contact Monmouth Web Developers today for a free consultation to determine how your NEW website can best benefit and reach your targeted online goals and reach more customers who are looking for your services or products. Each website is built with mobile first technology for that fresh, modern appeal.

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