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Below is a list of the regular services I currently offer. If you need a larger catalogue built for your store, or a truly unique web design built on a blank theme, or if you have any other web design needs, we can discuss that too. I'll take the time to listen to your request, and how you can best be accommodated.

I'll even show you what WordPress plugins will help your website perform well, what plugins could be upgraded to pro versions, the cost, and each benefits. Remember, this is simply a guideline of what I currently charge per service to get you started. Once I finish designing your website, I will gladly spend time to show you how to work with WordPress, so you can make small modifications without having to call me each time and get charged extra.

Larry Enzer - Founder MWD.

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$ 969 / 5 Days
  • Configure all plugins as required
  • Brand your website with your logo
  • Design your website
  • Update images on your website
  • Include social media Icons
  • Configure contact page
  • Modify menus, headers and footers
  • Add sections from other themes
  • Responsive web design on all pages
  • Add up to 2 legal pages


$ 1469 / 2 Weeks
  • Configure all plugins as required
  • Brand your website with your logo
  • Design your web shop
  • Update images on your web shop
  • Include social media links
  • Configure contact pages
  • Modify menus, headers and footers
  • Responsive web design on all pages
  • Add up to 25 unique items to shop
  • Add up to 2 legal pages


$ 269 / 2 Days
  • Add 1 page to website
  • Modify text and headers
  • Add needed sections
  • Install required plugins
  • Configure the backend
  • Modify your images
  • Optimize all images
  • Modify menus with new page
  • Match overall theme
  • Configure for responsive design


$ 169 / 1 Day
  • Upgrade plugins to PRO version
  • Upgrade any SEO included
  • Optimize all images
  • Rework to an optimized theme
  • Add optimize plugins
  • Optimize CSS code
  • Fix any font issues
  • Add missing fonts
  • Optimize design for speed
  • Optimize code for performance


$ 119 / 4 Hours
  • Add callout sections
  • Add paragraphs & images
  • Add timely information
  • Add contact information
  • Add social media icons
  • Add a map to contact page
  • Change colors and fonts to match
  • Add backend code and CSS
  • Modify any shop prices
  • Modify any shop images


$ 119 / 4 Hours
  • Maintain all plugins
  • Update any settings
  • Fix the backend code
  • Fix the header menus
  • Update any fonts
  • Configure new email addresses
  • Maintain YOAST SEO
  • Fix any shop issues
  • Fix user added sections
  • Optimize all images and caches

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