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What I Offer

I've been designing & hosting websites officially as Monmouth web Developers for over 16 years, but as a business owner, over 20 years. I've been helping businesses compete and grow their footprint since the web began, even before establishing Monmouth Web Developers officially in 2004.

I can create, host and manage your dynamic website and enhance your website's Local & Organic SEO reach as well.

For larger websites, a well planned website, blazing-fast hosting servers and overall SEO strategy still differentiates a company from its competition. Without a great website you are sure to drive clients to other websites and companies.

In a cost effective way, your business can not risk being without this vital tool welcoming new clients or educating your audience about your goods or services. You would be surprised how many businesses lack even a simple website. Ask us how a professionally built website can benefit your business. We can build and host your dream website, so ask us how.

Now, by using WordPress and my custom themes, design your amazing website in as little as 5 days.

Call me for a free consultation. I'm always available to answer any question you may have, or point you in the right direction to get started.

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Monmouth Web Developers

“In the modern digital age, a poorly designed website is almost worse than having no website at all. Both are bad and should be avoided at any cost.”

What M.W.D. Provides

Online Services

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Web Design

Maybe you just don't have the time or feel comfortable doing things yourself, or know how to design the perfect website using a self-managed tool or know what works best online. I can custom build and optimize your dream website for you in as little as 5 days. So you can run your business™

I will insure that your website is fully optimized, responsive and deliver your message clearly. Today I build all my websites using WordPress turning static websites into powerful managed business tools. And if you need a shopping cart to sell products or services, WooCommerce is the way to go, built on top of WordPress. The number one Content Management System in the world.

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Site Maintenance

I can schedule your website to be updated, optimized or overhauled, depending on your needs. I can also add company logos, seasonal graphics or other types of simple page upgrading. If you have timely information, I can replace and reformat the associated text. For a modest fee I will insure that your website always stays fresh and up to date.

I can also assure the health and well being of your website, through my suite of managed services such as my SEO package. I'll fine tune WordPress so your website stays up to date and error free. Just ask me and I will guide you to the right solution. I'll even show you how to make minor changes in WordPress, so you don't have to contact me every time you need a price change in your store or change contact information.

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I can provide website hosting through my certified partner, GoDaddy©. They can host your new website on a variety of server platforms with a variety of options, ranging from server sizes, speeds and email packages to name a few. I'll show you what best fits your needs and explain each option thoroughly. The solutions are endless. Check out my "Order Services" link above, for a complete list of 24/7 supported services.

If your company needs more online power, then a cloud server may be the way to go. GoDaddy© host each website on bulletproof servers. With a cloud server account, your company can provide a whole host of special services and can act like your own hosting company, providing services to other businesses directly. The GoDaddy© business hosting package is great for small businesses that need advanced power and speed. Research shows that every second counts when loading a website. By upgrading your hosting plan your website gains computing speed by having larger and more dedicated pipelines from your server to your audience.

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Domain Registration

GoDaddy© is a certified domain registrar and can help your business register your Domain Name, look up available web addresses or transfer a Domain to your NEW server. The Internet consists of four Name Servers. When transferring your domain name, you would need to ask your old registrar to initiate the process or log into your existing registrar account if possible and manually change the IP address. If your domain is "owned by someone else", you will need to get electronic transfer rights. First, get the new DNS. This is your newly assigned network number, found in any hosting package. Once changed, the process may take 24-48 hours to update all of the four Name Servers, before your website becomes visible to everyone, but usually within a few hours.

When choosing a domain name, a carefully chosen keyword name will help improve your SEO ranking as every listing of your website will promote that idea. Your domain name does not have to simply be your company name, but an easy one to remember. Lastly, you should be able to say your domain name to someone and they would know how to search or spell your url. This is known as a "radio friendly url."

NJ SEO and SMM Services

SEO & SMM Services

Monmouth Web Developers and GoDaddy© can help your website become visible on search engines with a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization and social media marketing. We have the tools that will greatly increase your reach. For advanced SEO/SMM through WordPress - I can design a balanced approach that will satisfy your exact needs.

SMM, viewed the better way to increase your online reach is becoming more popular than SEO. Social Media Marketing is the new way web designers and SEO experts use to establish your reputation. In the past, link building and other SEO practices ruled the day. Now people turn to businesses that also have an established Social Media footprint. By knowing the tools and platforms to use, maximizing your effective use, and posting correctly and regularly SMM has quickly become the preferred way to grow your business - if used wisely.

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