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Local NJ Web Design Services

Monmouth Web Developers has been a NJ web design business founded in 2004 [but designing websites since 1995], creating and managing websites for local business around Monmouth County, NJ and can design your new cost effective website or mobile app.

For the past 10 years Larry Enzer, founder, web developer and longtime resident of Monmouth County, NJ has been working on larger fortune 500 web development projects, redesigning massive public and private facing corporate websites and intranets. A few of the many companies Larry has worked for was ETS©, McGraw Hill©, CollegeBoard©, S&P500©, Platts© and J. D. Power©, Usually in small one or two person web design teams and always as the lead developer. One of the largest projects lasted nearly 3 years, and utilized a new Corporate Social Media platform know as Jive. Monmouth Web Developers was essentially closed for those years, only providing support for existing businesses he built sites for in the past.

Over those years, Larry Enzer has adopted and explored every advancement in website design and can now bring the best of them to you designing your new immersive web experience; simple to advanced. From business websites, ecommerce websites, non-profit organizations or social media websites, Monmouth Web Developers can make your message, product or business the central focus. Expand your reach, get your message out and grow your business.

A well planned website still differentiates a company, but without one can drive customers to other websites or products. Most [potential] customers still search for a company's products and services online first, spending at most 15 seconds deciding if they should stay on your website, or click elswhere. Making those initial seconds count is essential to the success of your online strategy.

In a cost effective way, your company or business can not risk being without this vital tool welcoming new customers or educating your audience about your services. You would be surprised how many businesses lack even a simple website or make it hard [on their site] to find store hours, an events page or contact information. Ask me how a professionally built website can benefit your business and as a local NJ web design company, right around the corner.

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In the modern digital age, a poorly designed website is almost worse than having no website at all. Both are bad and should be avoided at any cost.

Monmouth Web Developers

Current Web Focus

advanced web technologies company with web design in NJ

Advanced Web Technologies

Monmouth Web Developers will insure that your website will be hosted on bullet-proof fast, industry standard servers. We can also provide secure credit card processing if needed or assist with corporate email account setups. Whether hosting with us or another, we will guide you safely towards success. By the time your website is built, you will come away with knowledge of online hosting systems, email administration and more so you can make a better technological decision in the future that moves your business forward.

mobile nj web design based on smart phones.

Mobile Hybrid Applications

If a responsive website does not meet your needs then a Mobile Hybrid Application may be required. Harnessing the power of a smartphone allows for greater application power. Location aware apps finds things near you. Cameras allow you to share in real time. And social applications have changed the way we stay connected. With Hybrid Applications, Monmouth Web Developers can combine websites with mobile applications to harness the design strengths of websites.

responsive nj web design

Responsive Website Design

With the advent of new devices, such as smartphones and tablets, websites are required to display equally well across all devices. What worked in one browser often broke in another such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or IE. This made advancements time consuming and costly. With the advent of Responsive Web Design standards, this is no longer an issue and Monmouth Web Developers codes each website to look great on all devices.

A responsive web design will fit any size screen while providing a consistant user experience regardless - from smartphones and tablets to larger desktop computers.

Online Services

What We Provide

Web Design

NJ web design services

As a NJ web design company, Monmouth Web Developers can design your single page website, landing page or full-blown web application, whatever the size or need. From large integrated systems like banks and ecommerce websites to smaller initiatives, Monmouth Web Developers can build a website to meet any requirement. Monmouth Web Developers will customize your website based on your exact needs, large or small.

With each website built, Monmouth Web Developers will insure that your NEW website will be fully optimized, Responsive to multiple devices and screen sizes, and deliver your message clearly to the world. We can also customize one of our many Hosted Applications, that 1&1 Hosting Services© provides. Monmouth Web Developers will even set up your new application like a Wordpress© blog and can customize your offering.

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Web Design

508 Compliance

NJ 508 compliance

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act was included within the Workforce Investment Act that was signed into law in 1998 by President Bill Clinton. This covered the World Wide Web and required that all electronic documents, online be accessable to various impaired users. For a few years, after, nothing was really done as a result of this law.

A few years ago, President Barack Obama declared that the Internet be treated like a public utility. Soon, non-profits and other publicly funded organizations began to comply with this mandate and in the next few years will become a requirement for all online activity. Many institutions, now demand that website designs be “508 compliant,” and achieving such compliance has become highly specialized.

woman with headphones and 508 compliance

508 Compliance

Site Maintenance

NJ web design update

As a NJ web design company, Monmouth Web Developers can schedule your website to be updated or overhauled, depending on your needs. We can add company logos, seasonal graphics or other types of simple page upgrading. If you have timely information, we can replace and reformat the associated text. For a small fee, depending on need, Monmouth Web Developers will insure that your website stays fresh and up to date.

Websites, like fashion often change and a website should reflect those changes. Sometimes newer technologies replace older ones, causing a website to deliver sub-par experiences or fail altogether. We can also add features to an existing website, like a Mantis© Bug Tracking System or Chat Feature.

site under construction

Site Maintenance


NJ web hosting

As a NJ web design company, Monmouth Web Developers provides simple website hosting for a small monthly fee. We can host your new web creation on a variety of server platforms, with a variety of options, ranging from server sizes to email packages. Monmouth Web Developers also provides options like Content Delivery Networks, shopping carts, Wordpress™ blogs, cloud servers and more. The options are endless.

If your company needs more online power, then a cloud server may be the way to go. We provide hosting through 1&1 Web Hosting© and would walk you through the process, explaining every step along the way. With a cloud server account, your company can provide a whole host of special services, from HR services, Accounting, Popular Blogs, Bug Tracking Systems, CMS, Bulletin Board Services, Chats and more.

1&1 hosting

1&1 Next Level Hosting

Domain Registration

NJ domain registration

As a NJ web design company, Monmouth Web Developers can help your business register your Domain Name, look up available web addresses or transfer a Domain to your NEW server. The Internet consists of four Name Servers. When transferring your domain name, you would need to ask your old registrar to initiate the process or log into your own registrar account if possible and manually change it yourself. Or if "owned by someone else", need to get electronic transfer rights. First, get the new DNS, which is the matching number you want to use. This is your newly assigned network number, found in your hosting package. Once changed, takes generally 24-48 hours to update all of the four Name Servers, before your NEW website becomes visible.

When choosing a domain name, a carefully chosen keyword name will help improve your SEO ranking as every listing of your website will promote that idea. Your domain name does not have to simply be your company name, but an easy one to remember as well. Lastly, you should be able to say your domain name to someone and they would know how to search or spell your url. This is known as a "radio friendly url."

1&1 domain registration

1&1 Domain Registration

SEO Services

NJ SEO services

As a NJ web design company, Monmouth Web Developers can help your NEW website become visible on major search engines with a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization. In the early days, an SEO expert would need to have large banks of computers and servers, all interconnected and pointing to each other with links that connected many unrelated websites together, known as link farming. Another way to gain back in the day was to stuff as many keywords as possible into your website even if the website became confusing. These two examples now hurt your ranking and should be avoided.

Monmouth Web Developers can guide you through the newer complexities of "White Hat" or "proven" SEO practices, from solid keyword building (the acceptable and modern way) to local visibility or content building. 1&1 which Monmouth Web Developers uses regularly has two systems that take most of the guesswork out of ranking your website well.

call to action web development and mobile apps and web design NJ

Want More?

Monmouth Web Developers, a NJ web design company can assure that each new cost effective website delivers its message to the right audience, quickly, cleanly and in a modern way, unique to your business or organization. Monmouth Web Developers can also provide an analysis of your existing website for Search Engine Optimizations and make the proper recommendations on how to better optimize your website for visibility and performance. Let Monmouth Web Developers show you how.

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