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Site Maintenance

Let Monmouth Web Developers maintain your website or update your website to a modern responsive design.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Optimize Images
  • Update Text
  • Modify Banners
  • Change Layout
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Does your website need updating?

Site maintenance or website maintenance is something that most businesses tend to overlook but is critical for businesses to succeed in today's fast paced online world. From simple text and image updates to a needed responsive overhaul, most website owners ignore the easiest way to drive customers away.

One example comes to mind. A restaurant that fails to update drink specials, seasonal menus or events regularly may annoy people enough to seek out other restaurant websites altogether. Surfers are attracted to websites that seem friendlier or better managed. Also, a website that offers a newsletter tends to gain the most traffic, as well as essential backlinks. Ignoring this, or not - can even make or break some businesses.

How many times will you return to a website, only to see old or outdated news items or a cool ad, that is weeks or years old? It can make the business look unorganized, and customers may believe that your business' foundation is unorganized as well.

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A responsive overhaul means a clean, modern look to your old website. This insures that not only will your website work correctly on all modern devices, but will look great doing so.

M.W.D. Services


Responsive Overhaul Includes
  • Update text fonts for a cleaner look
  • Fix CSS errors, from outdated code
  • Use @media coding breaks
  • Update your top menu bar, incluide ‘hamburger’ style menu
  • Update to Bootstrap responsive Library
  • Update code to HTML5
Free Assesment Provided.


Does your website look good on all devices?

Some older websites have been largely Ignored and really need to be modernized so your website can work equally well on mobile devices, tablets or smartphones. Maybe an image widget no longer works on a phone, or images and text are not fully optimized and fonts are missing or outdated. Monmouth Web Developers will do a complete overhaul of your website, leaving the original design and images intact. Your website will now work better on all devices, screen sizes, and technologies. Today, even Google™ ranks your website negatively if not fully responsive. Load your website faster, look good on mobile devices, and drive your message in a better way.

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Every so often a website can benefit from a quick update. From menu changes to seasonal graphics or new videos - your website can stay current all year long.

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One Time

One Time Maintenance Includes
  • Small text and image changes, provided by you
  • M.W.D. provides images when required for a Fee
  • Optimize text and images
  • Update to Bootstrap responsive Library
  • Update code to HTML5
Free Assesment Provided.


Does your website need new text or fresh images?

Do you want to include current news articles, update images or change seasonal advertisements, discounts or announcements? Monmouth Web Developers can help. We all know that sometimes other business needs outweigh the need to give proper attention to your website. This should never be the case. An outdated website usually is viewed as a business in disarray and can actually hurt your bottom line or lessen your overall message. In this 24 hour news cycle era, an outdated website could ruin your Return On Investment (ROI). Even the best ad campaigns can be stalled and can even be damaged by your poorly managed website. Monmouth Web Developers can update your website with fresh colors, text or images for that amazing modern appeal without a full redesign.

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Managing a magazine, blog or newspaper style website takes valuable time away from managing and growing your business.

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Multiple Maintenance Includes
  • The same services as a One Time Maintenance
  • Repetitively per week, month or quarter
  • Optimize text and images
  • Article text, images and layout must be provided
Free Assesment Provided.


Do you need a web design company to manage your online offering?

Does your company run a newsletter, newspaper, blog or online store, and need your website updated on a regular basis? We can manage your offering, provide featured items and images for your ecommerce shop, add new blog articles, or manage an online magazine. Monmouth Web Developers knows that your time may be better spent, meeting new customers, interviewing people for articles, running your business or writing a new advertisement. We take the burden off of businesses to manage your online offerings, but since it is a recurring service takes time away from other services repetitively.

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Site maintenance is essential to the overall health of your website. Sometimes trends change, sometimes code changes, and sometimes information changes. Never let your website look tired, old or outdated again.

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Monmouth Web Developers, a NJ web design company can manage your website for you, updating graphics and text, inserting timely information and more. By freeing up your time, you can focus on driving your message or company ideal and not worrying about your website being up to date or responsive. By hiring Monmouth Web Developers, we can assure that your website will remain optimized, up to date and never break. Let us show you why this matters.

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