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All of my custom websites are built using WordPress exclusively. WordPress is a powerful content development tool which makes customizing and developing advanced websites a possible. And managing your own WordPress Website is a snap. Adding sales banners, call-to-action sections, new news articles, all achieved through WordPress and I'll show you how to manage your own Website once built avoiding expensive maintenance fees. If you need more maintenance and upkeep services, Adding a landing page for example, I can handle those tasks, for a small change.

Every Web Hosting Company, provides one touch WordPress instillation. Once installed, you would gain access to a backend dashboard to customize your site. A WordPress Website can be thought up of being made up of two types, one being the theme or look of the site [which is required to start]  and one being the plugins and custom HTML/PHP which builds the website's functionality. Check out my extensive library of custom themes designed for specific industries.  Pick a theme to get started then contact me for the rest. We'll discuss what your website needs from any theme to start building your dream website.


WordPress is a powerful Content Managed System. It is Open Source Software that use plugins to extend the functionality of a flat website. WordPress is 17+ years old and continues to grow.

WordPress is managed from a backend dashboard which allows users to change global fonts, colors and elements on a pages greatly reducing design, redesign and management time.


WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that turns your instance of WordPress into a powerful e-commerce web store. The plugin is released by WordPress and rivals any major online web shop managed account.

Many large companies rely on WooCommerce as it combines the flexibility of WordPress with a bullet proof web store. And thousands of companies create plugins that extend your store even further.


Design Your Business

Coffee cup on a napkin showing blue web design words. It emphasizes how my design process works and the technologies used.

01. Installation

Most hosting accounts have 1 Click installations of WordPress. I can easily walk you through the process, get your instance of WordPress up and running smoothly and help you log into your WordPress account right away.

02. Configure your Website

I will then add all the required plugins you need and modify the backend so your WordPress website will begin to look and act like your own customized website.

03. Choose your Theme

Each WordPress website begins with a theme. A standard theme is much harder to work with. You have to modify server code to get the exact look and functionality. I work with a vast library of industry specific themes that are highly customizable. And pieces can be added quickly from other themes.  

04. Custom Web Design

Once your theme is installed and ready and after I grab all the information about your business including images, charts, graphics, pricing, contact information. Whatever is need on your website. Lastly, I begin building your new website.


Run Your Store

Hands on a laptop computer showing a modern web store and illustrates my four step ecommerce design process.

01. Installation

WooCommerce is a plugin that gets installed and activated from the plugins dashboard. Once WordPress is up and running I will add WooCommerce, and everything needed to make your store really shine. 

02. Configure your Web Store

I will add all the required plugins you need and modify the backend so your WordPress website will begin to look and act like your own customized web store.

03. Modify WooCommerce

We would need to configure your actual online business on the backend. Postal Codes, Shipping Zones, taxes, product weight, location restrictions, label printing, custom thank you emails. Just some of the items to modify. 

04. Gather Products

I will gather all information on pricing, sizes, weights and images. Anything needed based upon what you are selling. And I will build up to 25 items in your store but can always be scheduled for a larger catalog. 

05. Custom Web Shop

Once your shop is installed and populated I will begin building your store's front end website. Your store still is a website and also needs a theme to begin. I recommend using a storefront theme and adding the pages you like from other themes. Lastly, I begin customizing your shop to match the whole website.

Monmouth Web Developers

“In the modern digital age, a poorly designed website is almost worse than having no website at all. Both are bad and should be avoided at any cost.”


Websites were mainly built to drive a simple messages or provide specific information in a visual way. They couldn't do much more than that. Today, people demand more interaction and engagement with every website. As the speed of internet continues to grow, people are engaging in unique ways never before imagined.

That's where WordPress shines. Founded in 2003 as a blogging tool, WordPress allowed publishers to write articles while also allowing registered users to comment on them. This was a futuristic idea back then. Some initial “plugins” were developed to enhance WordPress but were mainly geared towards word processing and publishing.

WordPress websites are built on themes. You need to choose one when installing. This makes themes an easy way to get your one-of-a-kind website started. Once chosen, I can customize your website with any element found in any other theme with ease. Changes to your initial designs are a snap.

Monmouth Web Developers has carefully crafted each template to reflect a specific industry making it an easy way to get started - while remaining fully customizable.

I will then handcraft a unique website to your design specifications for your business. Your one-of-a-kind website will be ready in One - Two Weeks. Other services available as well.

White Modern Office with a custom WordPress responsive design on the computer screen.

Look over my web design options

Then contact me to discuss your business needs further - In only 5 days.

Choose a theme that best suits your business. Click or tap to view.



$ 969 / 5 Days
  • Configure all plugins as required
  • Brand your website with your logo
  • Design your website
  • Update images on your website
  • Include social media Icons
  • Configure contact page
  • Modify menus, headers and footers
  • Add sections from other themes
  • Responsive web design on all pages
  • Add up to 2 legal pages


$ 1469 / 2 Weeks
  • Configure all plugins as required
  • Brand your website with your logo
  • Design your web shop
  • Update images on your web shop
  • Include social media links
  • Configure contact pages
  • Modify menus, headers and footers
  • Responsive web design on all pages
  • Add up to 25 unique items to shop
  • Add up to 2 legal pages

Monmouth Web Developers

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