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E-Commerce Development

I have the expertise needed to design your new web shop. From back end, taxes, shipping zones, online payments and design. I'll deliver a great looking and complete store to get you started off right. 


Web Design

Every business should have a great website that shines, loads fast and invites people to inquire about your services. WordPress is built on themes and my custom themes have the punch to make your business look great.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO comes standard on all my websites. WordPress uses YOAST, which harnesses the power of WordPress and can benefit your new website. A PRO subscription can add extras to make your website really rock. 


Page Design

From time to time every business will have to add pages to their website, from a timely  announcement, new services & features or a blog. I can add the pages you need so you can focus on running your business.


Website Maintenance

WordPress is hosted software made up of many plugins and code. Your website should be maintained regularly to assure optimal performance. I can make changes to your website and maintain the back end.


Website Updating

I will show you how to update your website so you can easily change things. If you are not careful though, your site will degrade. Maybe you just don't have the time to make these changes. Thant's where I can help.

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WordPress is the world's best

While it is true that WordPress powers about 38% of all websites and is relatively easy to install, it is far too easy to ignore the critical details that slow down websites or prevent search engines from indexing efficiently.

I can make your WordPress website shine. I 'll fix your images, optimize your code, clean up your back end and make sure your website really shines. Contact me if your website needs a performance upgrade. I can even move your WordPress to a new hosting company for a faster server and better customer experience.

Monmouth Web Developers

“A responsive web design will fit any size screen while providing a consistant user experience regardless - from smartphones and tablets to larger desktop computers.”

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WordPress Explained

WordPress is an open source - content management system. Sounds confusing, or you may already know...

What this means is simple, a web designer no longer has to change an image, logo or contact information on every page of a website. And pages don't have to be recreated each time you want to add a new one. Gets harder as the site grows. And managing pages becomes more complicated and timely in the long run.

WordPress bases each web page on themes, which are actually the scripting codes that plugs into the overall system, generating the end website.

And WordPress comes with thousands of plugins, which are open  source code that extends the functionality of WordPress which is another reason people love using WordPress. Users can add plugins for Web Stores, Realtors, Photography, Art, Video, Pop Up Messages, Interactive Charts, SEO, Email Marketing.  The list is fairly extensive.

Monmouth Web Developers

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