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  • Get your business online
  • Build a great website for your business
  • Make sure your website works well on all devices
  • Get you seen in Search Engines
  • Promote your business on Social Media

Monmouth Web Developers has the online tools people have been asking for. We build Custom websites exclusively in WordPress, for its power and performance unmatched by any standalone website. Now you can focus on what really matters, promoting an idea, writing timely articles or growing your business.



  • Build a great WooCommerce Shopping Experience
  • Make sure your store works well on all devices
  • Get your store seen in Search Engines
  • Promote your store on Social Media

Monmouth Web Developers can handle every aspect when setting up a new store, from Credit Card integration to Security, E-Mail Marketing and more so you can focus on gathering products to sell. We'll set up your Currencies, Shipping, Backorders. Anything that would confuse a new store owner and slow down business.

Call us for a free consultation. We're always available to answer any question you may have, or point you in the right direction to get started.

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Harness the Power of the Internet
Harness the Power of the Internet


Monmouth Web Developers - Award winning hosting, web  designers and web developers makes your online experience a marketing success.

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WordPress Templates

Custom Built Websites

Websites were mainly built to drive a simple messages or provide specific information in a visual way. They couldn't do much more than that. Today, people demand more interaction and engagement with every website. As the speed of internet continues to grow, people are engaging in unique ways never before imagined.

That's where WordPress shines. Founded in 2003 as a blogging tool, WordPress allowed publishers to write articles while also allowing registered users to comment on them. This was a futuristic idea back then. Some initial “plugins” were developed to enhance WordPress but were mainly geared towards word processing and publishing.

Today, WordPress has added thousands of plugins to their open source platform allowing developers to build great functionality into websites, never before available. From an interactive museum, to real estate management software, or a fully customizable shopping cart. And every webiste, once built correctly is easy to manage.

We'll show you what you need to know!

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source - content management system. Sound confusing, or you may already know...

What this means is simple, a website designer no longer has to change an image, logo or contact information on every page of a website. Gets harder as the site grows. And adding pages becomes more complicated over time.

If you are not a web designer, even harder to change things without breaking the whole site. WordPress eliminates this as each page can be managed from a central backed kiosk. Simple to manage, and simple to grow.

WordPress bases each web page on templates, which are actually scripting codes that plug into the overall system, generating the end website.

Monmouth Web Developers has carefully crafted each template to reflect a specific industry making it an easy way to get started - while fully customizable.

Once a template is chosen, we will discuss what extras each page needs to have and how to achieve your dream website. We'll show you what modules are available, build the site from top-to-bottom and optimize the website for performance, making sure your website shines.

Responsive Web Design Portfolio Panorama

Web Design Services

Let our design experts put the website of your dreams together. Sometimes you just need an expert to build the perfect website for you. You're busy. We get it. Sometimes you just don't know how to customize and build a website that delivers a great message and works properly on all devices. Whatever the reason, we're here. We'll make sure your website brings the right message and contains all the advanced options you or your business requires. View our growing portfolio to get some design ideas. We're in the process of converting websites old and new to run on WordPress for added benefits and features, so have a look. Then contact us when ready.

How We Work

How Monmouth Web Developers Works

Contact Us

Give us a call or email us using the form on any page at bottom. Once we discuss your overall requirements, we will suggest the best services you will need to have an awesome website on bulletproof servers, with the extended services every website requires.

Order Services

Monmouth Web Developers designs all our custom websites using WordPress. This allows us to add extra functionality with ease, from a shopping cart to email marketing popups.

Browse our Templates

Every WordPress website is built on a unique template. Most of the time Web Design Companies ask what various sites they have enjoyed to get a better feel how to design their offering. We have prebuilt many templates to get you started quickly.

Finalize your Website

Once a template is chosen we can discuss your exact vision, as long as it takes, to customize the site to your liking. We will then begin the process of installing the template, and any needed plugins and begin building of your awsome website.

After Website Built

We will discuss any extras, you will need, from a secure certificate to email accounts and how to best manage your awesome website. One of the benefits of WordPress is that once designed, very easy to manage. If you don't have time to keep up with your site, we can handle that as well.

Click a template below to see it in action.

508 Compliance

508 compliance is the ability of websites to conform to government standards as set by the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010. As applied to websites, it's the ability of disabled people to fully access  web technologies using screen readers, allowing keyboard only access and more. In the future, this may be a specific requirement. If you need to provide this currently, we can discuss how to best program these services into your website.

508 Compliance Requirements


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Monmouth Web Developers has the Products & Services to meet any website demand. We have the technical staff & creative designers to realize your company's online goals, from WordPress to eCommerce shops, SEO or professional email services. We can grow as your business grows providing support and to guarantee your website delivers. 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime. Below is a quick reference to quickly identify the services you need.

Monmouth Web Developers team in action


Web hosting is needed to be seen online. Our Bullet-Proof servers make your website shine. Need more power? We've got larger servers to supercharge your site.


We'll build a great website that reflects your industry with your input. We like WordPress, the most flexible building platform. Easy to manage as well.


Simple email accounts my not not enough for the demands of modern businesses. Professional email services make you shine with our Microsoft suite.


A great website doesn't help your business grow if it is never seen in most search engines. Make sure your website's reputation grows as your business grows.


Highly customizable blogging tool, used by millions, from small garage businesses to fortune 500 companies. WordPress is now used to manage websites.


Larger businesses often need the power of dedicated servers, to manage multimedia or run their corporation, dedicated to their own unique needs. 


A web shop should be easy to navigate, secure, and fast. A web shop should also appear identical to your main business website for seemless integration. 


We're always here to help. If you have a simple question about our many services or how this works, call. Have any technical questions? We're here for that too.

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